Mischa Rakier
art projects
title: Infinity Palace
year: 2011 description:
Infinity Palace is an 'in situ' work which transforms the existing exhibition room into an almost infinite mirror space, thereby highlighting interesting architectural details like window frames and the impressive dome, outLINE, Amsterdam, NL, July 3 - October 17.2011 size: approx. 18,0 x 7,0 x 6,8 m. (l x w x h)
applied mirror surface: approx. 220 m2 medium: mirror polyethylene, wood performance artists: Anno Dijkstra, Lee Ellickson, Anet van Elzen, Pablo Font-devila, Hilary Jeffery/James Fulker-son, Edward Janssen, Maria Lalou, Klavers van Engelen and Daniëlle van Vree title: Cardboard Portal
year: 2011/2012 description:
design and proposal for a 'low-tech' usable doorway between two separate exhibition rooms. Made from cut and folded cardboard sheets, a three dimensional portal is created, as a huge and grown out of hand origami work. size: variable; as shown: approx. 4 x 5 x 3,5 m. (l x w x h) medium: cardboard, tape, glue title: Fragments of the Same
year: 2011/2012 description:
a spatial wall mirror object, refracting light in all directions and fragmenting the mirror image of its direct surroundings. size: approx. 110 x 110 x 22 cm (l x w x h) medium: polystyrene, wood, glue title: The Gift Column, no.1
year: 2011/2012 description:
The Gift Column is a sculpture shaped as a column and fits exactly between the floor and the ceiling of the space where it is exhibited or permanently installed. It is a constructive contribution to both the existing architecture and local working or living atmosphere. 
Solo presentation at the Re:Rotterdam, Art Fair, Rotterdam, NL, Feb. 8 - 12.2014 size: variable (as shown: ø 0,63 x 2,4 m.) medium: pvc, wood and foil participating artists: Wafae Ahalouch, Aquil Copier, Sigrun Gudmundsdottir, Hendrik Jan Hunneman, Bert Jacobs, Lotte van Lieshout, Martijn Schuppers, Sandro Setola, Marjolijn de Wit, Efrat Zehavi and many others title: Reflections (Bavokerk, Haarlem)
year: 2011 description:
Constructing Identity, an exhibition on architecture and identity, brings together
different attitudes towards the role that architecture plays in our society. For this occasion a site specific wall painting was made, depicting the mirror image of the ceiling windows of the exhibition room and adjacent Bavo-church, which towers above it. De Vishal, Haarlem, NL,
April 9 - May 15.2011

size: 2,7 x 5,3 m. (l x h) medium: acrylic paint on wall participating artists: Toon Berghahn, Maurice Braspenning, Cécile van Hanja, Mischa Rakier, Marjolein Rothman and Eefje Versteegen
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